royal-canadian-mineral-water-sprayI have been using (testing) facial essences, serums and ampoules for quite some time, it was only recently that I was turned on to facial mineral water sprays, in the past I didn’t see much purpose for them.
I was thinking that water sprays like royal canadian mineral water spray was simply something people sprayed on their faces during the day when their skin feels dry, I didn’t think there was much point to it. Would a hydrating spray mist (with or without) special ingredients even penetrate through layers of makeup and sunscreen to deliver any benefit to the skin. It looked to me like a facial mist would simply evaporate and perhaps even take moisture away from the face. I simply didn’t understand!
About six months ago I was on vacation in the tropics with some friends, it was a hot day when our group stopped for lunch at a small beachfront restaurant. Everyone was commenting on how hot it was and as soon as we got seated 5 of my girlfriends reached into their purses and pulled out various brands of mineral water spray.

The instant look of relief that showed up on their faces immediately after spraying their faces was simply incredible and something I had to immediately try.


I must of had that feeling left out desperate look on my face because all of them immediately offered to let me try their sprays.

Here was my opportunity to initiate myself into the world of mineral waters facial spray.
(Luckily I did have some cotton swabs in my purse and was able to wipe my face off between products)

The first spray I tried was Royal Canadian mineral water spray it gave me an instant sense of relief from the heat.

1. Royal Canadian Laboratories Mineral Water Spray
Mineral water spray with an ultra-gentle fine mist produced by Royal Canadian Laboratories rehydrates and revives the upper layers of your skin. A refreshing, hydrating mist to use anywhere anytime for showers of thirsty skin relief. Royal Canadian Laboratories atomizer produces millions of tiny micro-droplets.

2. Next up for a try was Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray
Avène Thermal Spring Water is captured directly at its source and bottled in a sterile environment, ensuring that all its soothing and softening properties are preserved.

3. Brenda had a can of Uriage Thermal Water
Uriage Thermal Water is a skincare water for daily use, a powerful treatment formulated with trace elements and mineral salts, a source of radiance for your skin.

2 Vicy Laboratories Eau Thermale Thermal Spa Water
The Beauty Elixir for sensitive skin, rich in rare, beneficial minerals.
For men and women who want to soothe or refresh their skin, whatever their skin type. Recommended for sensitive skin.

5 BOOTS No7 Hydrating Mineral Water Spray
This non-greasy mineral water spritz instantly hydrates and leaves skin feeling fresh. It cools, refreshes and hydrates all day long.

My Simple Test Results.
My friends were all ready using and enjoying the benefits these various water sprays provide.

All the sprays worked for a quick cool down …

And yes, my friends say that it is true that water sprays will penetrate through layers of makeup and sunscreen.My next thought was about the long term effect of some of the ingredients.I am told that just like modern medical skin patches … whatever is in the spray will be absorbed into your body.

So that is why I choose Royal Canadian Mineral Water Spray as my favorite .. its 100% PURE